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James T. Harris is a subject expert and thought influencer in contemporary issues and societal trends. He serves as a keynote speaker, educator, and consultant to deliver awareness and solutions to individuals and their organizations. His compelling messages often reflect the importance of bridging generational and cultural differences in our society, for the betterment of personal growth, workforce enhancement, stronger communities, and our nation. His menu of services has one mission – illumination - to shed light on our understanding of the past and present so we are equipped to embrace the future in a constantly changing world.

James T. is in the "recalibration" business to inspire men and women to live to their highest and best use - enjoying a more purposeful and fulfilling life. He also works directly with organizations to provide substantive benefits in the areas of leadership development, workforce enhancement, strategic visioning, and organizational longevity. His work has been particularly well received in the health care and financial services industries, higher education, and across all industry lines with human resource professionals.

Through his high-energy presentations, he is uniquely able to "connect" with his audience due to his warmth, humor, value-added strategies, and tools. James T. also shares his expertise through appearances on radio, television, and in the print media. His book on the rise of America's next generation of leaders is scheduled for release in 2005.

James T. Harris graduated from Cardinal Stritch University and studied history and sociology at the University of Nottingham, England. He has traveled extensively throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Western and Eastern Europe, West Africa, India, Jamaica, and Turkey.

James T. is quick to point out that he is a husband, and the father of two future NFL stars and a fabulous princess daughter.

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