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You are right- it is not GW's fault that a hurricane hit the Gulf Coast. One week we have the "Blame Game" and now we have everyone taking the blame, even when it is for things out of everyone's control.

However, one has to look at the whole picture of New Orleans before passing judgement as to sink or save the city. Beyond being an awesome place to have a good time, this city is also a critical seaport at the southern end of the Mississippi transportation route. Tons of grain and other goods pass through this port every year.

Does the city need to remain? Yes it does. Does it need to rebuild in exactly the same place? Probably not the same exact spot. The primary business district and the French Quarter and vitually unscathed compared to the east side of the city. Do we need to rebuild the slums and continue the mad circle of handing people something for nothing? That is where the answers to this situation can be challenging. There are lot of lessons to be learned here. Hopefully as they continue to clean up and decontaminate the city, they will also be cleaning up some of the corrupt government practices and the not-so-humble officials that are enforcing them.

I too, look forward to returning to the French Quarter- count me in when it opens up again

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