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I agree...but I'm also still unsure what to make of Miers. I was definitely pulling for Brown -- for the reasons you gave, and others. It's not just that Brown is African-American; she's also an intellectual heavyweight who happens to be conservative.

Maybe things will work out.

Maybe Miers is just light skinned.


My thoughts exactly. It may be that Miers would make an outstanding justice and there is no question that her credentials a lawyer are strong (they've been woefully downplayed in the media and on the right since her nomination), but it wasn't ideal for many reasons, which need not be repeated.

A J R Brown pick would have been perfect. Ms. Brown has a proven record of being able to stand up to intense pressure from the left, which seems to get to many Republican nominees once they arrive in Washington. Some people would have accused the pres of "tokenism" and some people would have believed it, but a charge like that just doesn't stick to Bush with people who are actually pay attention and think fairly. No doubt, the racial consideration would be helpful to the Reps in the real world of politics, but there would be no sacrifice on brilliance of mind or solidity of record.

I think it's only fair to give Miers a chance to defend her record and explain her views (to whatever limited degree nominees are able to with the reactionary left in the Senate), but the truth is that I'm disappointed by what could have been.

Another point of consolation to the true conservatives: it's not unlikely that Bush will get a third - possibly a fourth - pick, and he may be willing to go with a more proven quantity next time. (just PLEASE don't let it be gonzales)

love the blog, james

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