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e wenzler

A cheese head in the alley sparked this? This is great; the reasons behind anyone’s decision to discard anything should be open to public discussion. I think we should start reviewing everyone's discards! Think about it, we could start an excel spreadsheet and publish it. We could start weekly talk back sessions. Sign me up! Oh maybe I’m already signed up, I printed a draft of this and….threw it away!

Keep smiling Pete, you might be next!

Geoff Strehlow

Ah, my friend, it is good to hear that you have come to your senses and “moved your cheese”. Perhaps, it is not you we need to worry about, but that other young Packer fan in the household who is quickly growing up. If it is true that adversity brings about maturity, then perhaps it is his time. For those of us who are old enough to know the darkness of the post Bart Starr era, there is a blessing in this.

John Schuessler

What's a Lovie, anyway? I've been searching, all I can find are baby blankies.

Bill Tatum

OK, I'm a couple weeks late on this post, but a Packer fan living in the great liberal wasteland known as "Minnesota" can only stay quiet for so long. Regarding the Bears....they don't suck as much as the Vikings, but they in fact do still suck. You can not put much stock in winning what may be the worst division top to bottom in the past 20 years of NFL football.
Playoff prediction..Carolina 20, Chicago 3
To whomever threw their cheesehead in the garbage can, I have 2 things to say.
First, you should have never bought it in the first place, but once you did make the purchase decision you must treat it with the respect due all Packer paraphernalia.
Second....if you have in fact turned on the beloved Pack, you should sell your house and move to Minneapolis, the holy land of all fairweather fans.

Zoom - #1 Packer Fan in the great northern waste land!

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