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Tim Dwyer

Hillary was correct in her statement but she just said it on the wrong day. That day is not a time for devisiveness but a day to come together and celebrate a great liberal man who did more for this country than any white conservative ever will. W. Did the same thing on Veterans day when he decided to spout off about Democrats attacking him. It was suppose to be a day to come together as a country, not divide it. But W. cant help it because he is the ultimate divider. Wha, Wha. I find out more every day that Republicans are such pussies that they cant take any criticism or heat so they have twist and spin the truth. Dont even try to get away with defending Trent Lott. what he was saying is the same thing Reaghan was saying in 1980 or 81 when he gave his speech at Piladelphia, MS: Blacks and whites should be separate but equal and we will disguise this belief under states rights. dont you see the old boys club with the nudge nudge wink wink. james you might not see it or hear it because of your race but for some reason I hear from your right wing associates daily. Its not a word thing but a hand gesture or a nod. man are you blind. If you dont believe or understand that, God forgive your bias and misunderstanding.

Otherwise have a great day!


I thought I stumbled upon a good site. The more I read, this is just a nother case of a Blacks.. thinking the world is out to get them.

As You Quoted....

Well I’m a black person and I’m putting my foot down. I’VE HAD ENOUGH!

Now Hillary is in Harlem on MLK day and we’ve got inappropriate slave talk being thrown about. Not to worry though, she was/is married to America’s first black president… (Yeah, o.k.) Here is a question for my white readers. Would you ever stand in front of a black audience (or even a white audience) and use racially charged rhetoric to illustrate your point?

You are about the most Racist PIG THERE IS! First of all you Blacks always refer everybody as either (White or Black ) Then to Speak about Hillary speaking in Harlem... What the hell's wrong with you, those kids need some type of role model, maybe not her, but again you turned it in to a racial thing You also spoke about BET! We the WHITE People need White Enertainment Television. Now I see why we had Slaves!

$$$$ > The White Guy < $$$

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