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Tim Dwyer

James T.,

Great to hear from you again. This article is probably the best and most truthful article posted to your blog - and I do not say that with any sarcasm. I am in the business of helping people plan for their finaqncial future, whether it be retirement, education, or just accumulation for a future purchase, and many people will be facing a financial crisis soon. Boomers are especially prone to this because their time is running out.

I think you have done your blog readers a great service by posting this piece for them. Please keep up the good work. But dont just depend on the words stated here or from Ben Stein. Talk with your Financial Planner to prepare for your journey towards a peaceful and happy retirement. We live in the greatest country in the world with all of the resources present to accomplish monetary goals. Take advantage of those resources. Yes, you might have to pay to have this done, but think of this: We automatically give a waitress a 15-20% tip for doing their job. It is so appropriate to pay 3% (approximately) to a professional to help free you of financial worries when you are in your Golden Years.


Tim Dwyer

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