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I heard a great quote regarding the Da Vinci code... I don't know who said it though...
"Brown assumes that since the Gospel didn't mention Jesus had a wife, it is proof that he had one. Though by that logic he should also have an Aston Martin."
I rather like that!


Your comment:
"I think that God is perfectly capable of taking care of himself; I just want to be there when the excrement hits the fan."
This comment promotes the idea that God is anything other than Love, Joy, Peace. God operates in a realm of consciousness that is beyond what 99% of the world operates in. David Hawkins outlines a "map of consciousness" in his book "Power vs. Force" (google it to find the map and find the book reviewed at amazon). The scale on the map runs from zero to 1,000 and, God consciousness is rated at 700-1000. Everything below 200 is life taking and everything above 200 is life giving. If God operates at the highest level of consciousness (700-1000) then is it possible for God to condemn? Condemnation rates at 50 on the scale (a level of consciousness of "apathy"). God does not condemn. God does not judge. God is love and God loves us. The book The Da Vinci Code does not change this fact. We are all powerfully creative spiritual beings (thank you God) and thus, what we focus our attention on grows. Focus your attention on how The Da Vinci Code is negative and you create more negative. Focus your attention on your connection to God and being of service and behold, you get more of that. Life is full of distractions (TV being one of the biggest in my opinion). The goal is to place our attention on that which will enhance life, bring joy and peace. Anger towards anything or anyone is simply another opportunity to look inside yourself.

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